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Our mission is to assist your company’s efforts of maximizing project capacity and operational efficiency through continual staff support. We work with promising new talent and seasoned experts alike within BIM development and the relevant surrounding fields to provide you a complete solution to hard-to-find industry professionals. Our candidates are vetted, assessed and put through our unique training program to insure proficiency in both Revit and AutoCAD. Moreover, our staff is encouraged to continue their training with us, insuring that both our candidates and our customers have the tools they need to excel in an increasingly competitive environment.

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The knowledge and skills I developed from attending the BIMTEQ training program have allowed me to break through to the next level of my career as a BIM professional. The experience is gained through an actual work environment, providing you with the confidence and expertise to perform in new and challenging arenas. The course also serves as an opportunity for new, up-and-coming talent to get properly introduced to an incredible industry.

Christian, BIM Coordinator


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